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"I learned more from this class in two days than in 5 years of photography classes.  Dwon is an excellent teacher who knows what he is talking about and has plenty of knowledge and experience, yet makes it easy for anyone of any level to better understand photography as a whole!"

“Dwon’s enthusiasm inspired us.  His laid back instruction taught us everything we need to bring our inspirations to life.  I’m excited about photography again.  I wish I would have taken his workshops when I first started photography.”

“Although I had been taking pictures for over 20 years, there were many gaps in my knowledge.  Dwon’s photography classes filled in those gaps and allowed me to go from amateur to pro. 
I made $800 on my first shoot!”

“I learned more in the first 2 hours of Dwon’s class than from six months of photography classes at  the local community college.”

“Thank you Dwon for the education and experience.  I look forward to taking another class in the future.  Thanks again!”
“Dwon’s teaching style is very comfortable and approachable.”

“Addresses different skill levels very well.”

“Excellent teacher!”

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