Teaching the art of photography to travelers from all over the world and helping them experience the culture, history, character, and ecology of Oregon as no other tour can, while preserving the beauty and majesty of Oregon for years to come!

Student Review: "I've been a professional for 25 years using mostly film. My wife was a novice. I took the class to brush up on digital photography. My wife took it because she got a new camera for Christmas. We were amazed at how much we both learned and in such a short amount of time. In one day Dwon filled in all the gaps in my skill set and completely built my wife's skills from the ground up. Now not only is my wife keeping up with me, she's showing me up. Best class I've taken in 25 years!" -- Robert J.

Photographic CraftsmanCrPhotog
The PPA Cr.Photog. degree is the highest honor in the world of photography for orators, authors and educators.


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Our classes and workshops are skillfully crafted by Dwon Guvenir, Craftsman Photographer (Cr.Photog.) to teach photographers of ALL levels the skills necessary to master the art of their photography and the ability to capture any image in any condition with any camera. This isn't one of those workshops that just covers one specific model of camera's settings. You'll learn photography: any camera, any shooting condition!

Recognizing his excellence and integrity in the field of photographic education, Professional Photographers of America (PPA) awarded Dwon Guvenir the coveted Photographic Craftsman (Cr.Photog.) degree on January 15th, 2012. The Cr.Photog. degree is the highest honor in the world of photography for orators, authors and educators. The degree is awarded to photographers who have gone above and beyond the creation of images and dedicated themselves to move the industry forward and encourage excellence in education.

Learn more about Dwon and the rest of the Oregon Photo Safaris® team here: Team Page

We're now the only fully licensed, insured and bonded guide company offering photographic tours and education with a certified Craftsman Photographer in Oregon. We offer the best tours and classes, with the best guide and instructor available in Oregon!

Whether you're a professional who wants to improve your craft or novice who simply wants to take better pictures, Oregon Photo Safaris® has courses for you.

Registered Oregon Outfitter/Guide
Oregon Photo Safaris® is an Oregon licensed, bonded and insured outfitter/guide. Photography Instructors accepting fees for providing outdoor classes, workshops or safaris, must be registered outfitter/guides with the Oregon State Marine Board. This has been Oregon law since 1984. Ask to see the instructor's registration card. You can verify guide registrations by calling (503) 378-8587.
Please don’t fall victim to illegal outdoor photo classes, workshops or safaris. Your safety is important to us.

Becoming an Oregon Licensed Guide is easy. If the business is properly insured and has employees with valid first aid cards it only costs $50 to register for a guide license. Before headding out with someone who isn't licensed ask yourself why wouldn't they be? Either they don't have $50, don't want to learn First Aid, aren't insured, or just really don't like obeying the law.

Call or email for more information. We look forward to hearing from you today!


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